Our Solutions

Bersian POS is designed to work with the vast new emerging and existing businesses in Malaysia. Bersian POS is suitable to work for new emerging businesses like Café, Retails, Fine Diners, Table Services, Fast Food Chains and many more. We are experienced in understanding the needs of new business and provide a complete Point of Sales system to aid and excel new business in the market.

In Bersian, we believe in providing a complete solution. For established business with POS limitations such as GST calculation, software integration and frequent system failures, we are here to provide problem solving solutions to complete your valuable business as a whole.

New Startup

Are you new Business or Startup looking for a Point of Sales System?


Supermarkets, Grocery Stores

Fine Diners

Exclusive Dining Experience

Table Services

Restaurants, Cafe

Quick Services

Fast food, Juice Bars, Snack Bars

Existing POS Users

Are you Existing Business facing limitation to current Point of Sales System?

Having Limitation on current POS


Poor Service with current vendor


Integration needed with other system



Hear what our customers say

The simplicity on the operation is the main thing I like. It took me just 5 minutes to learn on how to operate the system.

- JeQ

We are now able to manage multi-chain outlets easily with the computerized solution provided by Bersian on managing sales, inventory, membership, time attendance and other related features.

- YingKerLou

For managing the outlet POS activities, up to the data centralization and data consolidation, Bersian has the whole solution.

- Facetoface