Your Point of sales

Existing POS Users

Limitation on current POS

    Do you encounter issues below?
  • Good & Service Tax (GST) not supported on current POS system?
  • Current POS system is not user friendly?
  • Slow POS system unable to handle large crowd?
  • Current POS system unable to access report using Mobile devices?

Current POS vendor’s limitation

  • Current POS vendor provides limited services or solutions?
  • Continuous delayed service & maintenance with current POS vendor?
  • Unable to provide proper solutions to your business POS needs?

Various System integration

    Do you need?
  • Integrating of POS system with your existing accounting system
  • Customize report to be integrated with your POS system

We do provide POS sales transaction posting into the following accounting partners.

  • AutoCount Accounting
  • SQL Accounting
  • Sage50

Other System Integration
KTV, Loyalty Program System, Snooker, CCTV, Weighing Machine, Mall System, Hotel Management System, and etc.