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Bersian POS GENERAL Features

We provide world-class fine dining. We also take orders for starters, Mains and Dessert for kitchen preparation. Our state of the art kitchen display system makes it more easy, effective and paperless service. Our automated system helps you to track how a server does his duty. We provide you with audit trail options.

Track sales in real-time by using Sales Tracker

“To keep things right on the top, things have to be kept straight. I have a juice shop in the middle of city and I hardly visit there regularly. Hence, I chose to get this amazing ‘Sales tracker update’ product. It gives a record of amount of sales on daily basis. Yes it is a boon in disguise! “- feedback given by a happy customer

Split bill conveniently

One day, a group of friends thought of getting on a ride. On the way they halted to fill their ‘belly’. When it was time to pay, the friends gazed at each other. One of them arose and said, “We should have gone to a restaurant with split bill facility!” This incident occurred at a hotel where I had gone for marketing the product ‘Split bill’ – Yes! It guards your pocket!

Multiple payments - Options made easy

“The ways of choosing the options to pay the bill was not much easier when we went to the garment showroom where we had different payments to be made for different bills. Multiple payment policy did come to rescue in such a case” – says the payment executive manager after using the method

Monitor sales trend policy– to be secured on profit

“Knowing the sales aspect in detail would lead to a successful business trend and we are following the methods of gauging the sales all through, which in turn has provided increase in the sales conversion”.- claims the sales manager

Tax preparation made easy

“The taxes are the most challenging aspect dealt by business! My issues related to taxes were solved by the GST tax concept. It has helped in preparing taxes by adapting easy methods!” When we asked our customer to post his experience on ‘tax methods made easy technique’, he shared this amazing experience with us!

Controlling information of employees - roles played in permitting:

“Now there is something that creates the confidence to work with freedom as anything that goes beyond the security level, there is a horn buzz!” – said the security controller

Manage inventory with ease

“The process of keeping the record of the information was never was so easy before using the concepts of the inventory managing techniques. It has created a lot of flexibility in managing the stock without much commotion in the records”- in the words of the inventory representative.

Automatic inventory alerts systems favorable for knowing the stock

“This system has led to minimum loss and more alert found in pursuing the stocks. The methods hence used in factories such as ours have led the management to realize the importance of FIFO and LIFO methodology. The caretaker has given the right amount of stock when required and no breach of stocking is done. Our company now glows well!”- Management’s words.

Export stock levels developed into printable spreadsheets

“Recording of the aspects of the stock or business should be on the fingertips. Having said that, you can get the best out of this adapted by the business. Now we have chance to analyze the process of knowing the facts of the stock as there are the spreadsheets available at your service! It looks like an irreplaceable gift to our company as per the management”- stock keeper

Customizable or scenario based receipts

“The receipt structure now adapts to more precise and less confused sector of details. This is because I can issue the receipt as per the requirement of the transaction. Nowhere will you find this flexibility in the task execution as this one!” – Book keeper was overwhelmed when he said this

Report designer – giving life to design

“Reporting has its own self explanation technique. I work in the data reporting department and it was quite tough to segregate the data, however, something special like the ‘report designer’ has relleived me from this stress. Coming to office is a ‘jolly ride’ as work has become more accessible to better methods” – designer of the reports

Get information depicted on the receipts

“The receipt for which it has been issued or received has become accessible and easier to identify in the business. We have a store that does business of wholesale with different business vendors and this method has been very effective”- a wholesale dealer

Print kitchen orders itemized, multiple, instant or to kitchen display units -display the details with informatin

“A detailed structure of the orders and the prices are displayed under this option of printing. We can also have different types of order being printed which includes the kitchen supply as well. Being the largest store in the market, there is less effort on maintenance of records” – owner of the supermarket

User-friendly - get up to instant result

“More often the ’buffering’ might make you lose a deal. Hence, we have changed to the service of the option to get immediate result as it is subjective and can be used very easily. Self-explanatory methods have helped people like my dad to overcome the complexities of executing tasks with this method” – owner of the restaurant

Staff management – sales monitored for more profit

“The staff can be managed with the above mentioned technique much more easily. There is an alert given to the employee whenever, there is a requirement of monitoring. Yes! Other employees who are working with the employee will be also able to help him and attain the sales required. Monitoring would be done internally due to this”- staff manager on the usage of this method

Integration with external systems

“There is always transparency with the clients who visit us and they are happy about the same. The reason being the use of the methods as mentioned under this category. This has built better relation with clients and more business in return has given more profits”- spokesperson of the company on using the method

Direct coordination with credit card terminal (RHB & Maybank)

“The bank sectors where the credit card options are provided is made easily available with the password security program to safeguard the interest of the usage. Hence, my company has been head on heels to adapt this method” – Kudos given by the partner in the business

Supports dual Point of Sale

“This method has got me get rid of the worry of executing the dual tasks and made life easy. I am happily using the method in order get the process executed double faster. There is less usage of time in this case” – The developer at an IT company commented after using the method

Keep track of daily cash flow in your palm

“It is a difficult task to keep record of the cash that comes into business. I found the easy tracking of cash when I took help of the ‘daily cash flow plan’. As the name suggests, this offers various methods to know the cash inflow on a daily basis. This saved to keep track on my profits”

Solve your GST hassles with the help of tax reporting and improvised accounting systems in the market

“The taxes were always a ‘pain in neck’ as far as the payment on the yearly basis was concerned. However, the life savior for all these has been introduced and this the improved accounting methods used to keep record of the taxes” – Business proprietor on the use of the method.

Automatic menu positioning without depending on design

“Automatic menu can be opted instead of depending on the structured way. The customers are happy as they don’t have to follow the menu but can choose their options through this method with one swipe on the screen” - In the restaurant the proprietor has given this option to the customers and they are very happy about the same.

Table plan implies wider support to dual aspect technology

“The method has provided the customers to opt from the options provided to them and accordingly deliver the same to the process to be executed. There are always confusion in the selection of the layouts and this method has cleared the same” – management of the multiple brands in the market found this method easy.

Cost effective

‘'Most of the times, the loss is increased due to the unavoidable expenses. This method has given rise to be the most cost effective method and has been followed accordingly’’. – Small business proprietor.

Design own barcode label – safety measures

“Identification of the barcode is the main option of the process. You have to oblige with the same in order to get the complete information without any misleading effect” – says the supermarket owner after using this method.

Hold open orders in a FIFO method to avoid long queue

“Filing the orders executed in the longer run gives the option of leading to the effective order submission. There has to be a record on the orders coming in and being executed. A token would be provided with the time of delivery. Hence, this method has availed more time for the customers instead of wasting it in waiting for the product” – The grocery store manager said this when he smiled using the method..

Multi-store management – dual option

‘’This method allows us to store not only one sector of products in the store, but also other different products that would require some space till it will be asked for’’. The person managing the store of multiple items said this with pride and happiness after using the method..

Remote accessibility a boon to our company

“Although you are away from office, this remote access method will enable you to know and meet people when required. This remote access method will also enable me to gauge the activities undertaken thereby” – The CEO of the company who started to use the method confronted with pride.

Prevention of Fraud at the Point Of Sale audit

“The auditing of the sales has become much more approachable as the above mentioned method has the most efficient ways to corner the fraud depicting aspects. I have no cases being reported such once I started using the method as it is effortless” – The manager of sales department commented on the method.

Multiple price levels and happy hour- development of sales

The method has increased sales. There are customers who are waiting for this as discount increase sales and for an online segment that I have started with, this is a boon in disguise – The person who intended to share the reason for using the method on online store business.

Great features for all of the above

Low startup costs and compatible to most POS hardware

Availing our service will be beneficial for you. You will have to incur low start up costs and will have compatibility to most POS hardware.

No need screen designer for manual assignment. Auto-populate menu and saves time

You no more have to do manual assignment. Our auto-populate menu saves lot your time.

GST ready

We offer GSD ready services to make your business dealings easy and comfortable. You don’t have to trouble with regard to your financial management part now.

Interface with major common accounting systems in the market

We facilitate you interface with major common accounting systems in the market.

Report designer to customize own reports

We can avail customized own reports now using our report designer.

Track sales by real-time using app

Our real time app helps to track your business sales effectively.